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Yercaud Trekking photos




Yercaud Trekking photos









Yercaud Trekking photos




Yercaud Trekking photos
Come discover the adventurous side of Yercaud with us.

The Shevroyan Hills, beautiful as they are, keep their greatest treasure hidden: A hill station that commands your attention with its splendour, bursting with life – from its secretive birds to its rocky creeks. A place that opened our eyes to a host of magical surprises - and now we want you to discover it too.
Come see the wonder that is Yercaud.

Have a weekend coming up and don't know what to do?
Give us a call and we’ll help you plan an adventure! One that your friends and family will always remember.


Due to unavoidable circumstances, our homestay is now permanently closed. We will cherish the unforgettable experiences we have had with all our homestay guests. We hope to continue touching lives and helping people experience the joy of the outdoors through our camps, treks and food.

- Suhas and Patsy Kunders.



GO2 Activities at YercaudGO2

Camping in the open and waking up at dawn to the loud chorus of birds, can rejuvenate the jaded soul of a city dweller.

Nothing brings family and friends together like pitching a tent and sitting around a bonfire as the smells of the barbeque waft to you.

Gaze into the embers of a campfire, trading jokes and tales in the magic hours of dusk.

Watching the stars come out one by one, laughter mingling with reminiscences: these are what memories are made of.

As the songs, the stories and the laughter die down with the fire, commune with the night, with fireflies and moonlight adding a new dimension to the darkness.

Kitchen on Call will keep you satisfied with simple, nourishing and delicious food as you camp under a canopy of stars. The sound of crickets will lull you to sleep and the first rays of sunlight will nudge their way into your sleeping bag.

With a background of birdsong, you can greet the morning with a joy so profound, that you will instantly feel recharged.



Kitchen on CallKitchen on Call
Food for the soul

Over the years, Patsy has perfected making food that leaps off the plate and straight into your heart.

Simply call in and a few hours later you can dig into Mangalorean specialties passed down from generations, classic continental favorites, exquisite south and north Indian delicacies and dessert that keeps you smiling for days after you've indulged. Our Kitchen is a call away.

Home Stay

Whether you're in Windermere for the mouth-watering, famous chocolate cake, the creamy homemade chocolates, the seasonal fruit juices, jams and pickles or the oven fresh jam tarts and butter cookies, you'll find Kitchen on Call caters to every taste. You might just leave believing happiness simply is home food.

Delicious Takeaways Kitchen on Call works on the food-by-order system. Call us, place an order and we'll have your food waiting for you to pick up!

Can't make up your mind? Let Patsy put together an extraordinary array for you!

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GO2 Trekking
The Shevaroy Hills are not for the faint of heart – they do not reveal their secrets to the unadventurous. I’ve been exploring these hills for years and still I come across wonders that take my breath away. Hidden valleys and views so beautiful you’re left with awe. Every season sees the hills wearing a different shade of green, not to mention the wild flowers and birds. Yercaud is filled with a “life” that I find rejuvenate me.

I have three kinds of treks:
Rare – for those chasing the adrenal rush of taking the leap and coming out the other side breathless but satisfied.
Medium rare – for those interested in the challenge of adventure and the increased heart rate that comes with being elated.
Well done – for those who just want a one-on-one with the mountains, those searching for a conversation with nature.

But all my treks have the ingredients of the soul. I want you to know the importance of family, the strength of the bonds we make as people, I want to show you that life is about the journey, not the destination. I believe that my treks are a learning experience; I want you to know Yercaud too.
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About Us
Several years ago, we decided to quit the mad rush of Bangalore for the peace of Yercaud. The one clear vision we had was that we wanted to bring up our children in an environment of unconditional love and spiritual values, unfettered by the materialistic ideals of city life. With no clear plans, we let love and faith lead the way. The transition was, to say the least, difficult. Over the years, we have never regretted our decision and when we hear friends or acquaintances wish aloud that they could quit the rat race, we smile to ourselves and say with quiet satisfaction, "We did!'

We now grow coffee, pepper and mango, along with several other fruit trees. Patsy uses her culinary passion for running Kitchen on Call while my zeal for the outdoors fuels trekking and camping adventures for anybody who wants to travel the road less travelled. Go to top of page

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” A known secret named Yercaud ”

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”...for glimpses of Yercaud’s hidden gems—not to mention the most delicious meals to be found there—you should turn to Suhas and Patsy Kunders.”


Blogs on Yercaud
"We were in for
an amazing experience!!"

"Patsy, makes the best chocolates and plum cakes in the world"
Umang Jaipuria

"The trek was great
and it made my day."
Khiani's Blog

"We were indulging in gastronomical sinning"
Harish Krishna



Camping at Yercaud




Camping at Yercaud


Yercaud Contact Information Landline 04281-222741.

“Windermere”. 488/4, Rahms Road, Yercaud - 636 601, India.


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